Blackberries aren’t that scary



Think of the sportiest person you know. That’s Baz. Now think of the person who sits in a cardboard box and makes ‘vroom vroom’ noises while spraying crisp crumbs everywhere. That’s Nutmeg.

What makes a horse so special that he gets to have two different names?

And what can a barrel-shaped Dartmoor pony possibly have to teach a Thoroughbred racehorse?

This clip-clop rhyming tale tells the true story of how Baz came to know Nutmeg, and shows us that horses and humans are much more similar than you might think…

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‘Blackberries aren’t that scary’ is raising money for Racehorse Relief. Founded in 2011, they are the only Southwest accredited rehoming centre with the Retraining of Racehorses. Horses in their care undergo extensive rehabilitation and retraining in order for them to enjoy a second career, whether in eventing or hacking. From horses that have been physically injured in their racing career to those who have developed behavioural problems as a result of the lifestyle, Racehorse Relief provides bespoke programmes to help them in their future life. Horses are rehomed on a permanent loan basis, ensuring that if for any reason the new life isn’t a good fit they will always have somewhere to go. Horses have been successfully rehomed throughout the UK.


Born and raised in the USA, Mary began riding at the age of 5 and has never been far from a horse since. A somewhat whimsical late-life adventure saw her moving to Cornwall with her English husband.

Exchanging showjumping and cross-country gallops for gentle hacks along Cornish lanes, Mary spends her days with her former racehorse, Baz, and his three rescued Dartmoor Pony sisters. 

After decades of bouncing around parts of Africa in a Landi, playing with wildlife and four sons, Sarah is now joyfully rediscovering the flora and fauna of the UK’s hedgerows and dry stone walls, the woods and the waterways.

 Wonderful horses have been a constant in her life and she’s found it a pleasure getting to know and draw Mary’s delightful horse family members. May their adventures bring you smiles and joy.

Originally from Plymouth, Jane now divides her time between a cottage in Brittany, a cherry red campervan who answers to Flo, and anywhere in the world that lures her in with the promise of sunshine.

Her experience of horses is limited to a few childhood trots on ponies on the edges of Dartmoor, an alarming incident involving a large thistle and her sister’s horse, Maggie, and snail-pace treks in Lesotho and Cuba.


And of course, the book would be nothing without Baz, Nutmeg, and its eco-aware publisher, Books & Bicycles Press.